Taking you into the wild

Our new Wilderness Delft range means you can bring the wilderness in to the heart of your home. Inspired by their love of Cornwall, studio artist Holly and designer Karen tell us how they captured the wild side of the county to put together our new collection.

Taking inspiration from every corner

Holly and Karen worked together very closely throughout the design process. It started with a gorgeous illustrated tile that Holly had painted depicting a camping scene under a starry night sky. We were filled with excitement when we realised it would inspire a whole range designs showing the wild side of Cornwall.

We listed activities in Cornwall where people can immerse themselves in nature such as hiking, foraging, camping, wildlife watching, swimming and cycling, and wanted to create a story around these simple pleasures that everyone can enjoy throughout the seasons.

All of the tiles have individual stories to tell. Holly painted each individual idea we tried, bringing to life those special moments within the small ‘window’ of the tile. We want this range to inspire and encourage others to get outside and create their own adventures.

As Holly says “Cornwall is a place of untamed mystic and beauty, a land shaped by the seas. I have been lucky enough to grow up here, and have long drawn inspiration from its wild places. It is a place of contrasting landscapes - a haven for nature and safe harbour for wandering souls and I have tried to capture these elements within the Wilderness Delft range.

Through this collection of tiles I wanted to portray the range of habitats and experience to be had here, drawing inspiration from my experiences. From the times spent watching the shimmering murmurations on Bodmin Moor, to the hours spent collecting wild garlic from the banks of the river Camel or watching a resident Barn Owl making its regular patrol in the twilight, each tile is tied to a memory or experience had by myself of Karen, resulting in this collection which celebrates the wild places of this beautiful county.”

Karen moved to Cornwall just over 5 years ago and still finds it “is full of surprises and keeps on giving in every aspect. I have a particular love of wild swimming, which not only heals the mind and soul but gives us a chance to discover the worlds beneath the surface. Rockpooling, snorkeling and kayaking, whichever way you enjoy the water it is a chance to explore the kelp forests and creatures living between the crevices in the rocks. I could spend hours peeking into these mysterious lagoons of life, trying to understand what life must be like in these small but harsh and ever changing environments.

Working with Holly on ideas behind this range was such a treat as we could really connect with the illustrations and hope others can connect with them too and take a little bit of Cornwall home with them.”