Our year at Decorum

What can we say? We've had a wonderful year - we've painted tiles, designed new collections, expanded the team, collaborated with some very exciting brands, chatted, drunk tea and painted more tiles. 

In a word, it's been a busy one.

As 2023 comes to an end, we sat down to discuss some of our highlights along with what we can't wait to work on in 2024...


What was your favourite new design of 2023?

Holly: my favourite new design of 2023 has to be the Willow panel, which totally transports me to a place of tranquility whilst also feeling luxurious. The mix of flowing shapes, fresh colours and exquisite detail all join together to create a bit of a showstoppers, and who doesn't need gold in their life?!

Natasha: I asbolutely adore the Wilderness range. It's something I can't wait to have in my home. 

Emily: Although only having joined the company this year, everything seems so new to me making this a difficult choice! Out of the new collections released this year the Willow panel has to be my favourite. The hints of pink and blues are equally calming yet fresh and modern with the added bright Kingfisher which draws your eye up the panel.

Intricately painted green and pink willow mural with kingfisher details

Pippa: I might be biased because it's the design I helped to create with Karen, but my favourite design is probably the Willow. I really love murals and how you can create a huge, beautiful piece of artwork stretching over multiple tiles. It's a very calm, flowing design, full of colour and nature which is exactly what makes me happy. But there are so many stunning designs coming out of the studio. The Wilderness Delft is another favourite, so playful, fun and with the gold accents it just makes them pop!

Karen: I love Shape Play as it really invites the customer to experiment with colour, composition and space - there’s no right or wrong combination which I hope gives the customer a sense of creative freedom in their homes.

Sarah: my favourite 2023 design is the Wilderness range, particularly the otter and snail on the wild garlic tile.

Tiffany: my favourite new design of this year is the Willow mural. I love the soft green and teal shades of the leaves with the bright orange of the kingfisher's feathers, it's just so pretty.

Zoe: The wild garlic tile from the Wilderness range. I love the simple but instantly recognisable design and the tiny snail is so sweet.

 Our artists holding up their favourite tiles of the year

If you were redecorating your own kitchen or bathroom at home, which Decorum tiles would you use and why?

Emily: my all time favourite has to be the Cornish Meadow tiles, with the individual, bright colourful flowers reminding me of all the coastal walks amongst the wildflowers here in Cornwall. Our aim is to create a story within our tiles which is why I would 100% use these in my home.

Holly: I would go for the Flora Delft range when decorating for myself, because they feel timeless and elegant, and I like a mix of classic design with modern shapes and colours. I also love seeing what our customers have done with this range!

Artist painting white and blue Delft style tile

Natasha: For the bathroom I would redecorate with the Willow mural. I think it would look stunning in an en-suite shower. And for the kitchen, I would decorate it with the Wilderness range because I really connect with all of the decors from past experiences or hobbies such as camping or swimming. 

Pippa: I've asked myself that questions so many times and I still have no clue! I am the most indecisive person ever. Maybe the Glasshouse collection; when Decorum first moved their studio down to Cornwall and I started working there, it was one of the designs they had a few tiles of, and it was such a standout tile for me. The rich green and gold, I would happily have them on a wall - bringing a sophisticated and stylish jungle theme into the house! Now that we have worked on this collection and added new designs, it's a really stand out, chic choice. 

Sarah: If I were decorating my bathroom I could image having a large fern or Willow panel as I love the clean green lines against white and I always have a bit of a jungle of plants in my bathroom so it would blend in.

Tiffany: I'd love to redecorate my kitchen with a mixture of Sunbeam tiles from the Safran collection. The yellow, sunshiney feel of these tiles would be such a lovely start to the day.

Zoe: If I was redecorating my kitchen I would use our Arc range in leaf and clover. My favourite colour is green and I can't decide which shade I prefer so why now have both? 

KarenI love the idea of using Arc floor tiles for a bathroom floor alongside Glasshouse murals for the walls to add that real feeling of being inside an Orangery or Glasshouse.


Designer creating patterns with decorated tiles

What are you most excited for in 2024?

Natasha: I'm really excited to see more from the Delft ranges. I think we've all got so much more to give and design.

Pippa: I can't wait to create more designs and work on more commissions, especially the big murals! I like a challenge and they're not the easiest to paint but are so much fun and so satisfying when you finish one and see the final pieces in situ.

Holly: In 2024, I'm excited to see some new hand painted ranges coming to Decorum, maybe some cool collaborations and enjoying sea swims after work!

KarenI’m so excited about the launch of our Kantha Floor Tiles as they are totally different from what we have done before.

Tiffany: We're completed a few bespoke commissions recently so next year I'm really excited to see photos of our customers' finished projects.

Emily: We have some amazing plans for some new ranges and special additions to current collections! I can't wait to see customers take themselves on their own journeys and have a little piece of Cornwall in thier homes! Seeing the final images and wonderful reviews are the most rewarding part of this job

Sarah: I'm excited about getting involved with potential new collections for next year!

Zoe: See which colours trend - will yellow still be popular?! Also any commission work as I love to see the specific designs people have requested and how the artists interpret them. 


Rainbow colourful paints