For years now Italian tile factories have been working hard on perfecting tiles that look and feel like wood. With the ever progressing methods of technology and the ability of producing porcelain to emulate any type of natural material such as stone, slate and marble, it was only a matter of time before tile manufacturers perfected porcelain that looked and felt like real wood to satisfy the discerning end customer.

This man-made wood effect covering comes in a broad spectrum of colours and finishes, mimicking any type of wood from old painted floorboards to all types of soft and hard wood floors. With their soft hues and natural feel, they can be used on both walls and floors in kitchens, living areas, studies, hallways, bathrooms, shower areas and wet rooms.

Wood effect porcelain tiles are extremely easy to clean and do not stain. Unlike real wood floors, you will never have to worry about it being water damaged, expanding or warping, fading or changing colour with exposure to sunlight.  They can be installed with any type of underfloor heating, without risk of damage from heat.  The tile planks can be laid however you prefer, random, staggered, herringbone or parallel.

Wood effect tiles, like real wood is timeless and fits into any design scheme, so once fitted will give you years of easy maintenance and durability.