Nature and the great outdoors has always inspired our tile collections.  Having our Studio in an area where Mother Nature just gets on and does her thing, not only makes us happy but gives us a harvest of inspiration to draw on each and everyday.  Working and living amongst talented Artists in a beautiful place like Cornwall definitely makes our work an absolute pleasure, which is part of the reason we decided to move the studio to Cornwall.   

Decorum was originally established in 1992, at a time when colour had just re entered our homes, giving us the space to be bold and creative once more.  Decorum set up a large studio in beautiful Buckinghamshire to cater for the explosion of orders for hand painted tiles with over 20 ceramic artists designing and producing customers orders and designing sassy new collections. Creating a dream team who loved what they did really fed back into the shops we supplied.  

Deciding to relocate two decades later was never going to be easy! Especially during a pandemic, but 2020 was definitely a time of change for all of us, an opportunity for new beginnings, to make new friends and look for exciting new horizons.  

Cornwall Design Studio

To find a place to create and produce was our first step, building our team of creatives a close second.  The move to Cornwall has not been without its laugh out loud moments, just ask our co-founder, Ray, how heavy kilns are! Bringing our team together though has been a complete joy.  We feel so lucky to have found a group of like-minded creatives who love to paint! It's so lovely when you work with people who really do love their work!  It definitely does make for a happy space.  

Having now settled into our new Studio home in Cornwall, we can finally focus on what we enjoy, creating and producing beautiful tiles that bring colour and fun into our customers homes.  

New Design Direction

As with most design led Studios, Decorum has seen many trends come and go!  Some stand the test of time, others become outdated quickly either by their size, design or colour.  Producing tiles that fit with our customers requirements helps us to produce collections that we think will stand the test of time.  With an aim to design beautiful tiles that add excitement to a room, whether it be contemporary or traditional, our design mission continues to evolve.   

Cornwall Tiles